About the Firm

Founded by John A. Celentano, Jr. and Arnold L. Stadtmauer in 1971, Celentano, Stadtmauer & Walentowicz, LLP is a full-service law firm with an emphasis on health law and real estate law. We strive to provide our clients with a superior level of personal service and responsiveness that is rarely available from larger firms. We recognize that each of our clients has unique legal needs that change over time and which require the dedicated attention of skilled attorneys. Consequently, our client-centered practice provides the type of individual attention needed to nurture long-term relationships.

Regardless of the nature of our representation, our approach is comprehensive. To this end, we strive to identify all opportunities and strategies available to our clients and to assist them in identifying and executing a strategy that effectively meets their goals. We work to ensure that our clients are in a position to make an informed decision after an analysis of the costs and benefits of any possible course of action.

The firm of Celentano and Stadtmauer was established as a traditional partnership by John A. Celentano, Jr. and Arnold L. Stadtmauer in 1971. Henry C. Walentowicz joined the firm in 1983 and the firm became known as Celentano, Stadtmauer & Walentowicz. In 2003, Mr. Celentano retired from the practice of law and Steven Stadtmauer was made partner.

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